April 10 – Yardley to Trevose

Captains du Jour Annie and Judy led us to good stuff today including Bucks County Public Library in Yardley where we were warmly greeted. So intrigued they were with our Long Walk that they want to put us on their website. Fun.

At the library Artist Cheryl discovered an Art o Mat. A what? See pictures and explanations. What it is is a cigarette machine repurposed to dispense objects of art. Cheryl and I each bought $5 tokens to get a “cigarette” package of earrings made from postage stamps (random). Cheryl liked her earrings made from stamps from Denmark and I was particularly happy with my earrings made from Bermuda stamps because of the memories of the fun trip there that I took my Mother on as a Mother’s Day gift.

Enjoy the pics.

BestFeetForward, aka Kathy

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