Apr 072014
Many have noticed that the blog about our walk from Central Park to Liberty Bell started but remains in “embryonic” condition. We know! Today, our fifth day of walking 13-14 miles per day, no time remained at the end of the day to blog. But Techie/Blogmaster Al to the Rescue. He’ll do the postings for whatever we send him.

Al will organize our postings and pictures by date, starting when we began the walk in Manhattan/Central Park on April 3.

We’re taking the day off tomorrow from walking. To be tourists in Princeton: to Washington’s Crossing, art tour of the Princeton University Art Museum by Artist/Historian Cheryl, and a walking tour of the campus. Full day.

And then it’s “on the road again” for four more days ending at the Liberty Bell in PHL. For Celebratory Luncheon at City Tavern where we’ll dine on the site where George Washington and cronies dined.

Stay tuned. We’re happy that anyone cares about what a good time we’re having.

BestFeetForward, aka Kathy
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  3 Responses to “In case you might be wondering…..”

  1. Wishing we were on your route. Princeton is so lovely, especially in the spring. Perhaps you will run across the Seward Johnson (of the J&J family) sculptures around. He is a new Jersey institution.

  2. Tomorrow doesn’t sound like a day off but it sounds delightful

  3. Our best to Marjorie and Harry,

    It is so nice to know people from abroad to have taken time to see parts of this country on foot. We would think visiting Princeton University would be very interesting. Overall what an exploration for you.

    We wish you both a pleasant holiday. Enjoy……

    Harold & and Loretta