April 12 – East Falls to Liberty Bell to City Tavern

Well, Team Liberty Bell 13-strong made it! All the way from Central Park in NYC to the Liberty Bell in PHL. Nine days, 120+ miles. (Jury is still out on how many miles we actually walked. Stay tuned as Al and Annie check what their machines recorded as our actual mileage.)

Today Competent Captains du Jour Barb, Barbara, Kathleen (with help from Judy who was on her childhood turf) walked us from Holiday Inn Express to Market East Station for train ride to East Falls to begin, on this Loveliest of Spring Days, our walk to Liberty Bell destination. We walked along the Schuylkill River, past The Pilgrim, Boathouse Row, Oarsman John B. Kelly, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia Free Library, LOVE sculpture, Ben Franklin.

We arrived at the Liberty Bell 3:35 pm, APR 12, 2014. Group picture of us by Cousin Steve outside Independence Hall, then on for The Grand Finale Lunch at City Tavern where greatness had wined and dined before us: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, etc. The latter dubbed City Tavern “The most genteel tavern in America”. We found it “genteel” enough but mainly it was just fun. See pics re history, menus, etc.

Great Big Thank You to Keith for making our journey comfortable and safe. He rented a van to scout our route, to transport our luggage to the next hotel, to be available for rescue if we needed him. (Fortunately a service we seldom needed.) He oversaw the lunch arrangements at City Tavern and even designed the Aries birthday cake. On one of his periodic checks on us on our route, when I ended the phone call with “I love you,” Team Liberty Bell yelled into the phone, “We all love you.”

We do! Thank you, Luv, for supporting and encouraging my antics all these years.

And, of course, how ever do Marjorie and I thank you all for walking with us to make our 75th so memorable?

When and if we ever “catch our breaths”, let’s add some more things (pics, funnies, observations, memories) to the blog. Send it all to Al to post or, I suppose in a pinch!, we ourselves could learn to post.

Stay tuned.

Enjoy the pics.

BestFeetForward, aka Kathy

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